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Rochester Grimoire is a modern creative project in storytelling and philosophy.


In January 2015 a burst of motivation pushed Derek DiRisio of Rochester, NY to make his city into art. Inspired by the deep and mystical lore of science fantasy shooter Destiny (Bungie, 2014), he realized the intense effect that characters, plot lines, and concepts could have on a reader.


Grimoire cards are a creative lens of art.
A combination of beautiful imagery and mystifying writing, grimoire cards create captivating stories and memorable insights. They offer a snapshot, a small taste of insight into the universe depicted; of human life experienced.


These stories and philosophies are gathered here in series. 


Rochester is only the project's foundation, with ambitious goals to spread the concept around the Earth.


Your story, fictional or not, deserves to be heard and received.
What inspires you?
Draw it in light and lore; create grimoire cards.

Learn much more at the in-depth portfolio entry.

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Photograph by Olya Myers Photography

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My name's Derek, first nicknamed 'Diriz' in elementary school. I'm a 24-year-old visual artist, creative writer, and student in Rochester, NY. I enjoy meditation, tea, and never 'About Me' sections. But I like you. You're alright.

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