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A miscellaneous series of poetry, fiction, and inspired non-fiction; 

spanning the Light, Dusk & Dawn, and the Darkness.

Officially forked off Eclectic Effect in 2021.

Cards are generally not related unless in parts.

Continuously released, newest cards are listed first.

Looking for more? Travel back to this series' predecessor...

Credits and Thanks

Current Cathartic Codex credits and thanks by alphabetical order (4/21/2021):

A.F., Anna H., Britta Moberg, C.B., C.M., D.R., E.J., G.D., Jessica L., Jolene S., Julia P., K.O., K.P., Kait O., Ksusha, Lea M., Lea Y., Lisa M., OVERWERK, R.C., S.D.

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