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A miscellaneous series of poetry, fiction, and inspired non-fiction; 

a variety of inspirations tied to our roots. Jan 2015—Nov 2016.

Evolved into the Cathartic Codex series in 2021.

Cards are generally not related unless in parts.

Continuously released, newest cards are listed first.

Credits and Thanks

To the best of my memory, Eclectic Effect credits and thanks by investment, then alphabetical order:

Meredith Kinsman, B. Fiona Henry, Collin Zweigle, Breyanna Weimer, Corina Jaffarian, Lea Mousso, Sarah Harris, Chuck Ferera II, Adity G., Alyssa M., Amanda S., Andrew S., Bastille, Connor B., Danielle F., Deanna M., Emily K., Haley B., Jeff W., Josh S., Kali A., Kayla M., Loudjina D., Mary V., Matt S., Mike R., Noreen N., Noah H., Olivia P., Olya M., OVERWERK, Rebecca C., Sam C., Sapphire C., Shawn T., Steven P., B.M., C.M., E.J., H.S., J.B., K.H., K.O.

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