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Grimoire cards are primarily published in digital format as of yet, uploaded to Instagram and organized on this site;
but what fun is there in that which you cannot touch or hold?

With this concern, 735 physical editions of card no. 1 in The Chaos Within Our Walls and Falls series have been published.
500 of them are general-purpose freebies to anyone interested in the project -- business cards, essentially. More of these will be made eventually.

The remaining cards are different in only three aspects: they're laminated & hand-cut, hand-stamped with a red-black star, and produced by Derek's own hands (with cutting help from his good friend Meredith). 6 hours spent in a Staples® workshop resulted in 235 limited physical editions of the first Rochester Grimoire card ever written. 


Many of these were given away at Instagram meetups throughout 2015. Others were given to close friends, family, and die-hard supporters of the project. Others were given to characters depicted in grimoire cards, as well as community members who've posted grimoire cards with the #RochesterGrimoire hashtag.
There are some left -- they'll be given away over time, and after that, they're gone.

Why 235? This amount is in reference to the series itself -- read along...

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